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It’s easy to walk right past Little Tommy Tucker without noticing it there. Five weeks ago this Bentleigh cafe opened in a neighbourhood crying out for top quality coffee and simple, fresh food.  Even from right outside it’s difficult to get an impression of the interior until you walk through the glass doors and into the light, textured space. The simple decor includes wood panels, white and blue tiling and plants hanging from the roof or sitting against the walls.

Five weeks in, Little Tommy Tucker satisfies a constant stream of locals sipping on Dukes Coffee. In his first role as head chef Brett Hobbs (previously Woods of Windsor) serves up a no-fuss breakfast and lunch menu with a few signature twists. Case in point: Eggs Benedict sitting atop a bed of Otway ham hock; thick chunks of soft, salty ham that bring Christmas to your mouth ($17).  Forget egg and bacon rolls, Tommy Tucker packs their rolls with pulled pork, topped with a fried egg, tomato relish and watercress ($13).  There are also fresh baguettes and sandwiches and even some dishes “for the little tuckers.”

It’s easy for any customer seated near the register to fall prey to Tommy Tucker’s impressive display of sweets, and I would urge you not to resist.  All the food – especially that on display – is designed to compliment the coffee.

After searching for the perfect space for two years, owner Jimmy Marini has found the ideal location for his new neighbourhood beacon.  The best part?  It’s right near the train station and they do a killer single-origin to takeaway.

432 Centre Road, Bentleigh
Mon to Sun 7am to 5pm
9576 5174


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