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Crowd-funding is the latest social initiative to grow wings across the world. It has seen everything from A-list movies (Zach Braff’s campaign for a follow-up to Garden State raised over a whopping $3 million) to new icy-pole flavours receiving a boost from the public.

Pozible, which has so far seen $2.1 million raised for music initiatives alone, kicked off ‘Pozible Gigs’ last week – an initiative designed to encourage event-coordinators, venues, musicians and anyone who’s ever thought of throwing their own music show to crowd-fund and put on their own event.

There’s an even bigger incentive than just seeing your mates jam on stage with a $10,000 cash prize offered, not only for one event, but over five separate categories. These include Most Funds Raised, Most Supporters, Pozible Pick, Fastest to Target and Most Social Media Shares.

Pozible director Alan Crabbe says that music is their second most supported category, with musicians and their fans eager to see their favourite acts succeed.

“Musicians have been among the fastest to embrace crowd-funding in Australia and through Pozible Gigs we hope to further the support we are offering.”

As part of the crowd-funding campaigns, it is expected those involved will offer tickets, drink vouchers, albums and merchandise as well as opportunities to meet the bands. They will also aim to raise money for artist payments, venues, drinks and AV systems.

All participating crowd-funding campaigns go live on August 26.

To learn more visit pozible.com/gigs.

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