Glory Box: Paradise

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Travelling down a fairy lit staircase to arrive in a burrow of cabaret tables, under the scarlet glow of Chinese lanterns, provides the perfect visual welcoming for the show-stopping, floor-stomping extravaganza that is Finucane & Smith’s Glory Box: Paradise.

As pioneers of the burlesque scene, it is their vaudeville that has been captivating audiences of Melbourne winter with their multi-dimensional variety show, and for very good reason.

Finucane & Smith serve up a smorgasbord of entertainment with bites of cabaret, live art exotica, twisted magic, and powerhouse disco with a side of seduction and a splash of circus. Moira Fincucane‘s dramatic monologues are spliced with Yana Alana’s drag-queen amp ups. Jess Love‘s jaded, jazzy hula hoop routine sits comfortably alongside the haunting, jaunting, thrash about routines from Holly Durant and Lily Paskas, and eerie physical performances by Yumi Umiumare. Ursula Martinez dishes up the tricks with her world famous disappearing red hanky routine that’s sure to shake up the crowd.

Each act is short, sharp and distinct. Yet they still manage to work together perfectly as a narrative. It’s as erratically charged as it is erotically, and it never once skimps on the sass or the smarts.

It’s much too difficult to pick a favourite act but it must be said that Finucane is spectacular as she shatters the idea of the beach-babe before your very eyes.

Made with panache and delivered with finesse, this wild and irreverent showcase is nothing if not pure entertainment. Not to worry if you forgot to have your daily dose of milk that morning because Glory Box, quite literally, has you covered.

Glory Box: Paradise is playing at fortyfivedownstairs until August 11.

For tickets visit fortyfivedownstairs.com/buy-tickets/?event=GBoxPara

In support of basic human rights worldwide, 88 cents of every ticket sale will go to Amnesty International.

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