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Pleased to meet you Mr & Mrs Howell

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More of an urban oasis than a Gilligan’s Island castaway, new eatery Mr & Mrs Howell has cast its anchor on Sydney road.

There will be no food envy in this place as the menu is designed to share and the varied options on offer reflect the chef’s travels far and wide as much as the multicultural community that is Sydney Road.

“We’ve really put a lot of thought into how, for example, the Asian food of Box Hill intersects with the Middle Eastern food in Reservoir and given its cultural make up, Brunswick is the perfect place to try something like this”, says chef Mark Brozic.

The ex-Kamel chef’s new venture hits just the right note of quality produce, inventive preparation and understated ambiance.

Just like the ever changing surroundings outside, the menu will keep ticking over with new ideas so it’s well set up to cater for regulars and visitors alike – like the ‘Wet Dish of the Day’ an inventive dish influenced by what’s in season as much as to suit the weather outside.

There are so many good things on this menu that it’s hard to pick out just a few. The five spice duck leg with sweet and sour orange marmalade ($24.00) is served with steamed buns to make your own mini asiatic duck burgers. Also the tuna tartare ($24.00) scented with tom yum spices was a standout and served with nacho-like wonton pieces for dipping.

There seems to be a few new and exciting places opening up in this end of Sydney Road and Mr & Mrs Howell is yet another local to support and enjoy.

173 Sydney Rd, Brunswick
Tues – Thurs from 5pm
Fri & Sat from 5pm
Sun from 5pm

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