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Speakeasy Cinema aims to breach the walls of the traditional theatrical experience, tearing the screen away from the aisles and sticky floors, placing it in a communal pop-up environment. After a initial season at a previous location, Speakeasy’s new home is located at the not-for-profit CBD bar space Shebeen.

Screenings happen every Wednesday and Sunday from June 19 with a small break occurring over the MIFF period. The program is a series of new and classic indie pictures, with films that would appeal to pop culture bothans and art film enthusiasts.

The program launches with Lena Dunham’s 2010 pre-Girls prototype Tiny Furniture. The film, written and directed by Dunham, is a Graduate-esque tale of a listless mid-twenties college drop out trying to get it all together. The film’s conventional narrative benefits greatly from Dunham’s requisite wit and acerbic dialogue and is a great time capsule for fans of Girls to see where it all started.

Also on offer is the unique documentary project Room 237. Examining the conspiracy theories surrounding Stanley Kubrick’s The Shinning. Directed by Rodney Ascher, the feature documentary presents a series of academics and writers who go into mind blowing detail regarding the proposed subliminal messages and interwoven code prevalent within the film.

Along with a eceletic selection of films, SpeakEasy and Shebeen also offer a fully stocked bar, an in-cinema dinning menu with peri-peri popcorn,

Speakeasy Cinema is running at Shebeen Bar, 36 Manchester Lane.
Wednesdays and Sundays, 7pm each night. For more details visit speakeasycinema.com.au.

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