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Ballers be Ballin

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The humble meatball has spent years in the background, playing second fiddle to its fancy-pants friends such as the decadent marinara and the creamy carbonara. But meatballs can no longer sulk about being stuck in the shadows, as the second restaurant dedicated especially to these delicate spheres has this week opened its doors.

The Meatball and Wine Bar, which has enjoyed success in its Flinders Lane location over the past year, has spread its wings beyond the CBD and is soon to share its wares with the people of Richmond. High ceilings, brick walls and neon signs, signalling all things balls, fits out this Swan Street location, adding to the slowly-evolving culinary choices on the strip.

The menu will follow the same successful sequence as its city sister, with a range of charcuterie and creamy mozzarella getting things started before the main event. Handcrafted beef, chicken, fish, pork or vegetarian “Richballs” can once again be paired with sauce and a side of choice, tucked into a mini slider or served ‘naked’.

Owner Matteo Bruno has teamed up with Stefano De Pieri to offer their own range of boutique imported Italian wines from some of the oldest grapevines in the world; all available to take away.

Early riser? Breakfast balls made from free-range eggs and slathered in your favourite topping are ripe for the picking along with a choice of artisan smoked salmon, avocado, smoky grilled bacon, mushroom with taleggio, or something green. A range of other sweet and savoury options are also available. Coffee is also by Dukes.

So be a baller and bounce your way down to try Richmond’s newest bigguns.

The Meatball and Wine Bar Richmond
105 Swan Street Richmond
Open Monday-Friday 7am-Late, Weekends 8:30am-late
9428 3339


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