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Good Beer Week

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This weekend marks the third annual Good Beer Week, a bacchanalian festival that celebrates every aspect of the hoppy brew.

What started out as a bunch of mates putting on events for like-minded beer geeks has since expanded into a city-wide festival spanning 140 event across 100 venues. There’s everything on tap from beer walking tours and masterclasses to beer and food matching sessions.

One of the driving forces behind the festivities is James Smith from our favourite beer blog The Crafty Pint. We recently caught up with Crafty as he was running around finalising details ahead of this weekend’s launch.

“This year’s Good Beer Week ia the biggest, dare I say the best ever. There’s a Festival Hub for the first time at the Terminus in Clifton Hill, which will have awesome beers on its 32 taps all week and is keeping its kitchen open until 1am every night.

With all those events what’s Crafty most excited about?

“The Mega Dega is this year’s Masterclass of Champions for me – our attempt to create a true Aussie first. Five top chefs and six brewers have created one magnificent menu. The final course by Josie Bones and Wig & Pen is entitled Cake and Bacon with Mothur Funker Gueuze (a barrel aged sour beer) and early prototypes of the dish look like some insane, psychedelic Martian landscape. That alone has me intrigued, let alone the pairing of a tortellini and beer both made with ancient grains or the beer cocktail to open the night.”

Finally, what’s Crafty drinking at the moment?

Riverside Brewery’s 44 American Amber. I’d been hearing great things about this Parramatta brewery and I’m pleased to confirm the hype is well-placed. It’s available at the New South Wales Pint of Origin pub,  the Rainbow Hotel in Fitzroy and of course the GBW Festival Hub.”

Good Beer Week runs from May 18 – 26 across Melbourne. To find out more visit

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