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Aside from its unbeatable location and hearty, wholesome menu, The Farm Cafe’s story is what makes it so unique.  In 2003 the Collingwood Children’s Farm was losing money and faced financial destitution. With a vision of saving the farm, Tom and Pip Hay began brainstorming ways of making it financially viable.

Beginning with a borrowed coffee machine and a cold fridge courtesy of eBay, the pair began volunteering once a month at the Farmer’s Market, running a coffee and pancake stand to raise funds.

“It is possible in Melbourne, that if you do something with integrity and good values and a way that’s quite heartfelt, people will come out to support it,” says Tom.

And support it they did; the makeshift cafe became so popular with visitors to the Farmer’s Market that it began operating every weekend.

“People would come out in the thousands supporting it even when the cafe was undeveloped and there were just a few chairs and some gravel,” says Tom.

Eight years on and the determined duo have realised their dream; establishing their own successful business and a lifelong partnership.

The Farm Cafe’s success gives testimony to their promise: quality ingredients; passionately prepared. On the menu you will find produce such as Gameskeepers free range Berkshire bacon, Cherry Tree organic beef, Yarra Valley dairy goats cheese and Dench organic sourdough breads to name a few.

“Our whole ethos is that things don’t need to be complicated to be awesome. Even a really simple dish can be fabulous based on the quality of the produce,” Tom tells us.

From a little coffee cart, The Farm Cafe has developed into one of Melbourne’s most unique and charming cafe experiences – proving happy endings still happen.

The Collingwood Children’s Farm
18 St Heliers Street Abbotsford
9415 6581
Monday- Friday 9am-4pm
Saturday & Sunday 8am to 5pm

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