The Powder Room’s Champagne and Perfume Master Class

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Perfume and champagne: the ultimate pillars of luxury, right? If you’re feeling like a little indulgence to warm up this weekend, you might want to grab a friend and hop along to  The Powder Room’s Champagne and Perfume Master Class.

Hosted by Melbourne-based fragrance and sensory branding specialist Samantha Taylor in partnership with The Champagne Dame Kyla Kirkpatrick, the intimate sessions will showcase the glamorous worlds of champagne and fragrance, and look at how their paths connect and intertwine.

Taylor, a fragrance specialist with over 20 years experience in the beauty industry, and Kirkpatrick, a champagne expert and educator, aim to educate consumers on the art of perfumery in their master classes and challenge people to be daring when choosing a new perfume.

The two-hour interactive sessions will see the industry leaders compare the roles of a perfumer and a chef de caves (champagne maker); how they have changed over time and what their place is today. Each class is followed by a champagne tasting and perfume pairing.

Together for the first time, Samantha and Kyla believe there is much synergy between a bottle of champagne and a bottle of perfume, something they are excited to share with the master class series.

“Champagne, like perfume, is a story in a bottle that narrates a wonderful memory, experience or moment in time. Both the perfumer and the chef de caves have an unparalleled sense of smell and each bottle is a culmination of years of training and skill,” says Taylor.

“This master class series will take guests on an intimate journey of two of the finer things in life and delight the senses at every turn – the perfect ladies afternoon,” adds Kirkpatrick.

Classes will be held in Melbourne on Sun 26 May at Circa, The Prince, 2 Acland Street, St Kilda.
Tickets $149+bf and can be purchased through Eventbrite or here.

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