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Lakyn Heperi may have quickly shot to fame from his appearance on The Voice last year, but after speaking with the young muso we get the sense there is something big brewing.

MILK BAR: How did you get started in music?

LAKYN HEPERI: I was born into a musical family and I started playing piano when I was four. My dad was in cover bands in New Zealand and that tuned my ears. I’d been skateboarding since I was about eight and I thought I wouldn’t do anything else, but at 16 I broke my ankle so dad bought me a guitar. I figured I should do something with my time.

MB: Did playing the guitar come naturally to you?

LH: Easier than most people, I would presume. Having my dad and an understanding of music even from playing piano when I was four would have helped, even if it was just the notes and stuff.

MB: So how did you end up on The Voice?

LH: I started singing in my room and my parents heard me, which slowly grew to doing YouTube clips. I didn’t think I could put myself in public at that stage, so the next step was the camera.

I did a cover of Matt Corby’s ‘Brother’ on YouTube. Matt Corby’s manager found me and called me up and said ‘we’re gonna put you towards the producers of this new TV show’. I respect Matt Corby, and what he went through on Australian Idol. Matt showed me that if you make the right decisions, you can come out on top.

MB: Was it daunting?

LH: Yeah, very much so. I did my first audition which was onstage for a thousand people. Before that I’d done four gigs at these little pubs in Melbourne for 20 people who were mostly friends.

MB:  How did you go in the studio?

LH: Every little thing, every noise that you hear is exactly what I wanted. I was really involved. I love being a part of every creative aspect of my career at the moment – I was in the studio with Dann Hume, One of the Evermore brothers. The sound we produced is a little bit past acoustic, but it’s really honest.

MB: Where can we see you next?

LH: I’m going to be supporting Birdy around Australia which will be a lot of fun, especially to be able to play at the Opera House. There’s a lot of things to work on, it’s just about making the right decisions and being patient.

Lakyn’s EP: ‘Better Than That’ is available through Universal Music Australia.

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