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Red Scooter revs up

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Sure to please locals with a tucked away location (just off the East Brunswick end of Lygon Street), Red Scooter wears its Mediterranean heritage on its sleeve, with an  interior design dominated by composed of Italian cafe posters and nods to old country.

When we visit Red Scooter was full of young couples and families enjoying the patio out front. We start with a banana and honey smoothie ($5.50) and a fresh apple juice ($4.00) which arrive in thick glass jar mugs, adding to the homely nature of the café. The smoothie stands out with a thick taste of banana fused nicely with the squeeze of honey.

Ordering from the all-day breakfast menu, next up was bircher muesli with rhubarb, honey and yoghurt ($9.50), which in the annuals of bircher muesli was decent; with good consistency and juicy rhubarb enabling a strong flavour through the dish.

An order of apricot toast with ricotta and honey ($8.50) was not as effective though, as there was no ricotta in stock on the day we visited. The toast arrived as two dense slabs, proving dense and tasteless. The addition of ricotta would have been bang on, as unfortunately it was light on apricot.

Other breakfast items include the big breakfast (aka The Hangover), and a Greek style omelet. In addition to the all-day breakfast, the lunch menu includes Middle Eastern-style dishes such as a falafel meza.

If you like your servings big then you’re in luck, as Red Scooter delivers massive serves which will cure any weekend breakfast craving. Once this little Scooter gets a few tunes up, it will be raring to go.

140 Barkly St
Brunswick, 3053
9381 0293
Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm
Saturday – Sunday 8am – 5pm


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