Riverboats Music Festival

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Echuca is one of those places I always mean to get to but seldom visit. Let’s face it – when summer hits it’s hard to resist the siren song of the beach.

However, resisting temptation can have its perks, and those willing to head north over the balmy months are rewarded with the mighty Murray in full swing, a fantastic wine region and river boats aplenty. There’s NSW just over the border, if you feel like crossing over to the Dark Side.

Need more convincing? How about the Riverboats Music Festival this 30C+ weekend? Musos like Tim Rogers and Clairy Browne and the Bangin’ Rackettes will be crooning in an atmosphere well-suited to sipping wine by the river. And it goes without saying they’re be plenty of food too.

On your way there don’t forget to stop and admire another of the region’s most beautiful sights – a pie from the Beechworth Bakery.

The Riverboats Music Festival runs from Feb 15 – 17. For more info and tickets visit riverboatsmusic.com.au.

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