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G2 Korean BBQ

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Finally, a restaurant with eating instructions on the placemats. Way to literally win me over the second I walk in the door, G2.

G2 Korean BBQ has just opened up on Elizabeth Street amongst a series of underwhelming Asian restaurants and army supply stores. Dark timber communal benches, shiny new copper air vents and a touch of designer lighting hint that G2 are aiming for a slightly more upmarket clientele than the surrounding venues, though it’s too early to tell if the spotless surfaces are a testament to a high standard of service or simply the newness of the space.

On offer is an a la carte BBQ menu and a set BBQ menu, and a series of entrees, ‘non-BBQ’ dishes and tapas. There’s a lot to get through.

From the entrée menu, we gave a few dishes a shot. Tofu with kimchi and fried pork belly looked stunning, but unfortunately turned out a little bland in the tofu department, overcompensated by some seriously salty toppings. The G2 roll is a choose-your-own-adventure taco style dish, light and clean, perhaps one for the carbophobes with its pink radish ‘tortillas’, and wasabi spiked dipping sauce. The vegetable pancake is more of a winner, a crisp outer shell giving way to soft potato, zucchini, chives and onion inside.

Now for the BBQ, because that’s why we’re really here. We tried beef bulgogi, thin slices marinated in slightly sweet soy that cooked in just seconds and were beautifully tender. Thinly sliced pork belly is rich and surprisingly filling. Both are easily amped up with a fiery dose of the complementary kimchi, or promptly cooled down with one of three pickled sides. King prawns come in a bit steep at $25 for three, tasty but perhaps not great value.

I was thrilled to discover the dipping sauces all labeled by ingredient and purpose, for once not resigned to mixing all three and hoping for the best.

The service at G2 is friendly, attentive and good humoured, and dishes are well presented, especially the desserts. Try the salted caramel, chocolate and mascarpone pot or the rose macaroon with lychee and raspberry. Stick to the BBQ dishes to get the most bang for your buck, and book ahead, as they’re starting to fill up fast.

301 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne
9642 3424


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