Melbourne Music Week: Live Music Safari

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While many safaris will have you waiting hours to spot primates in an African grassland, this safari is jam-packed with wild performances by local animals in their most natural environments – only we’re talking about some of Melbourne’s finest musicians, in the city’s most famous venues, in one single evening. You’ll be sweaty. You’ll be smiling. And you’ll most certainly want your camera to document the night’s adventures.

This Thursday Melbourne Music Week’s Live Music Safari is going off with a roar. Over 40 of Melbourne’s top bands and DJs will perform in 10 of Melbourne’s most famed music venues.

Section 8, Pony, Cherry Bar and Bennetts Lane are just some of the venues where you’ll see bands like NO ZU, Eagle and the Worm, Grey Ghost and Lowtide groove their hearts out for their hometown fans. And the best part? It won’t cost you a cent.

We had a chance to catch up with NO ZU and Eagle and the Worm ahead of this year’s safari.

Eagle and the Worm just released a new EP Strangelove, a unique sound of 60’s vocals, a robust horn section and a general fun-loving vibe. When asked how fans were responding to the new EP, band leader Jarrod Brown said,  “Some people have noted that the new EP has a different sound. It’s cool that people are differentiating between the last body of work and our new release. It’s recognition that there has been a progression.” With eight people in organised chaos, their live show is bound to be a noisy spectacle.

NO ZU just released their debut album Life, an eclectic mix of global, post-tribal sounds. “People are kind of weirded out by the music we make. I think it could get crazier. I see it as groove music that you can chase back to disco, funk and afrobeat,” says front man Nic Oogjes. And as for their live show, “It’s about trying to achieve a sense of freedom, that’s the nature of the band.”

Live Music Safari is happening this Thursday 22 Nov.
Be sure to plan your own music safari here.

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