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Human behaviour and relationships are the key focus of the Sydney Dance Company’s latest production 2 One Another, coming to the Arts Centre this week.

Artistic Director of Sydney Dance Company Rafael Bonachela hopes 2 One Another will take the audience on an emotional journey. “Audiences can expect 16 of the most incredible performances on stage, framed by an ever changing, vast canvas of colour and movement on a cutting edge LED light curtain.”

2 One Another aims to explore the interactions between people and the external influences on these relationships, building on his thematic interests including human behavior, relationships, emotional and psychological states, says Bonachela.

He says he wants the work to investigate relationships. “We enter the world alone and from that point we are shaped by our interactions with people and the world around us. We present ourselves publically; we shift for love and for respect. We hide ourselves when we feel intimidated, we grow into strength and we shrink into sadness. Those experiences that life brings us and how they shape us is the premise of the work.”

Dance is a perfect medium to creatively express the idiosyncrasies of daily life. For each production, Bonachela’s approach to creativity differs depending on the concept. Most importantly however, creativity represents an opportunity to be imaginative and think outside the box.

Having choreographed the Fever and Showgirl tours for Kylie Minogue, Bonachela values collaboration and the exchange of ideas this allows. In the case of 2 One Another, it was important for all inspiration to be sourced from within the studio rather than using external references. This resulted in Bonachela bringing collaboration into the studio.

For example, writer Sam Webster who provided the text that is woven into the work, sat in during the research phase and wrote instinctively about what he was seeing in the studio. Bonachela then gave phrases to the dancers and they would try to create movement that reflected the essence of the text.”

To continue the Melbourne connection, Bonachela will be bringing his next piece, De Novo, to the Arts Centre in 2013. This will be a mixed bill – I am creating a new work called Emergence and will be collaborating with the wonderful Sarah Blasko and Nick Wales for the score, and the amazing fashion designer Dion Lee is creating the costumes.”

Much to look forward to.

2 One Another is playing at the Arts Centre from Nov 21 to Dec 1.
For more information and tickets visits

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