The Kitchen Sink

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September 6, 2012
1:00 am

For one family in the faded seaside town of Withernsea, things aren’t going to plan. Martin’s milk van is slowly but surely falling apart, son Billy is hoping his love for Dolly Parton will get him into art college and daughter Sophie is one black eye away from destroying all hope of a black belt in jiu jitsu while mum Kath is just trying to keep the family together.

The Kitchen Sink by Tom Wells is now showing at Red Stitch and follows this profoundly dysfunctional family over a year, exploring how change is both unnerving and necessary.

Well’s gives his characters a witty and engaging script, which the cast played up to their comedic best. The ensemble bounced brightly off each other and gave the audience a brash family with just enough quirks to make you laugh, and shed the occasional tear, with them.

Your untapped love for Dolly Parton will blossom with Billy as The Kitchen Sink captures a place in your heart.

WHERE: Red Stitch Theatre, 2 Chapel street St Kilda
WHEN: Now til September 22
WEB: redstitch.net

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