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August 24, 2012
7:00 am
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Do you remember the moment when you pressed the pause button between songs? It was a moment when time slowed to guttural crawl and a personal dedication was imprinted on magnetic tape. If you know that feeling, there is a fair chance you would remember making mix tapes!

Long before playlists that seemingly generate the same LCD Sound System song every time, a mixtape was a vessel for a personal messages to crushes spelled out in finely curated song titles. Often the mixtape was also used to harbor an amazing driving mix that would take a week to create but was then relegated to the glovebox of the car for six months? It’s the undeniable character and personality of mixtapes that has drawn Johnny Moretti to create The Melbourne Mixtape Exchange.

The Melbourne Mixtape Exchange is asking everyone from around the country to make a mixtape of their choosing then bring (or indeed mail) the tapes to the swap event and exchange the humble cassette for a completely random one! A dedicated blog and zine will also allow mixtape maestro’s to share experiences, thoughts, ramblings and photos of all thing mixtape!

Moretti explains the ethos of the event as “A celebration of making mixtapes the old fashioned way and bringing back the personal touch to mixes away from Spotify playlists and digital podcasts. It’s a project I think combines art and design with a love of music and community.”

Never fear if you are analogue challenged, via the events official site, you can email over an MP3 playlist (in the form of Side A and Side B) and a full dubbing service will be provided on the day for a small fee. So the reels are set and ready to roll, press record on the soundtrack of life and spread the analogue word: the mixtape is alive and well!

WHEN: Fri 24 August
WHERE: Mr. McClelland’s Finishing School, Bella Union, Level 1, Trades Hall
WEB: themelbournemixtapeexchange.com

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