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Girl Walk

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July 14, 2012
6:30 pm
6:30 pm

You know when you’re really into a movie, and you’re yelling at the screen ‘DON’T MARRY THAT SCUM-RAT, HE’S TOTALLY CHEATING ON YOU, YOU SKINNY FAKE-TAN BITCH!’, and security drags you out of the cinema right at the good bit?

What’s with this whole fascist cinematic culture we have where you’re expected to sit quietly in your assigned seat like a chimp and only laugh at appropriate times?

Enough, we say!

Clear the seats, make a dance floor, and go nuts to Girl Walk // All Day.

Is it a musical, a dance performance on film, or just a really long video clip? We don’t know. We do know it’s all about dance and love, pumping with music from mash-up artist Girl Talk, chock-full of sweet moves, and all while set against the greatest backdrop in the world – New York City.

Oh, and we weren’t joking. You will be dancing. DJ Pork Chop will get you sizzling before the film, and No Lights No Lycra will join forces with Two Bright Lakes DJs and Rainbow Connection to take you through the rest of the night.

Plus, Babes of Grill will be taking care of your tum-tum with NYC-inspired food from 6:30pm. Vegans, vegies and meat-eaters – they got chu!

WHEN: Saturday 14 July, 6:30pm
WHERE: The Industrial School, Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Hellier Street, Abbotsford
WEB: facebook.com/events/175081079289200/

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