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Right up until my early 20s I thought albinos were a myth. They were lumped into the same category as unicorns and Santa and making out with a six or above after 3am. How shocked was I to learn they were not only a legit breed of human, but exemplified in whacky alternate forms such as sloth and monkey. CUTE. Also, fun fact, apparently destroying an albino leads to all kinds of luck in love.

While I can’t condone the destruction of other mammals for personal gain, you might have a shot at smashing an Albino at Bimbos or Lucky Coq over the next few weeks – that is, if my rather spectacular creation makes the cut in ‘Pimp My Pizza’.

It’s essentially a choose-your-own-adventure Facebook garb where all those inventive types (and you) get a shot at creating a new pizza, to be sold mostly to uni students and the generally less monetarily-favoured among us.

We were invited to build some za’s at the media launch, but you can try it at home in a fancy Facebook app where you can condemn cute little prawny characters to certain death in a hot virtual oven… perhaps atop mascarpone & fetal? Mmm.

Staff from Bimbos and The Coq will decide on the best ones, which make it into the real world for awhile until one comes out on top. You win a bunch of money and all the glory. Or maybe I do.

Okay, time to log into facey and put some weird shit on some dough. Who knows, perhaps you’ll be the creator of the new classic, such as the Larb Guy or the Banana Empanada? Check it out. Vote Albino!


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