Red & Rothko

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“Art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can be explored only by those willing to take the risk.” – Rothko/Gottlieb

It’s 1958, Rothko is hot, and in the status seeking social hierarchy of New York City, that means alot. How does one keep their integrity as an artist amidst success, especially after accepting one of the highest profile artistic commissions in the city?

Red gives a glimpse into the creative life of Mark Rothko, the 20th Century abstract expressionist painter from the view of his studio on 53rd Street Manhattan. Joining him is his recently enlisted studio hand, Ken, a fledgling painter with aspirations of learning from the famed Rothko. To Rothko, Ken is young, far too young.

MTC’s latest is intelligently focused within Rothko’s studio, a visually appealing set. Colin Friels as Rothko plays the absorbed painter with real commitment and at times with fire, channeling the occasioanal tunnel vision of the heavyweight artist. Recommended.

WHERE: Sumner Theatre, 140 Southbank Boulevard, Southbank
WHEN 26th March- 5th May
WEB: mtc.com.au/tickets/production.aspx?performanceNumber=4264
COST: Tickets range from $33-$85

Photo: Jeff Busby



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