Mosey on down to Milk Bar’s re-launch party!

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Time travels quickly, and Milk Bar’s already been open for business a year. And what a year. We’ve been stung by bees, torn a new one by Simon Pegg and tracked down Melbourne’s best choc top, in-between overdoing it on dumplings on more than one occasion. But more than anything else we’ve been constantly rewarded, humbled and inspired by the wonderful stories (and food and beer) being produced by the excellent individuals that make Melbourne what it is: truly awesome.

We also our first birthday’s a pretty good time for a revamp, and want to show you our brand new site chock full of exciting new features and shiny bits. Join us for the launch on Wednesday 14 March at the equally new and spiffy Hasti Bala Bar at The Carlton Hotel, a weird and wonderful jungle-themed space that has its own (fibreglass) elephant head and rooftop area.

There’ll be first beer free thanks to our good mates at Holgate and Mountain Goat, Milk Bar-themed snacks, gourmet giveaways and maybe even a Paddle Pop or two. Plus Rooftop Bees will be doing tastings, Real Hot Bitches will be bringing their Eighties dance extravaganza while Empra and surf rockers La Bastard will be cranking up the dial to eleven.

On top of all this you’ll get to meet some excellent folk and get an exclusive peek at the videos we’ve been shooting with some of Melbourne’s top food and wine producers (there’s a teaser for one below).

So if this sounds like your glass of milk come on down and bring a friend or three. It’s going to be hotter than a Chiko Roll and cooler than a Strawberry Big M!

WHAT: Milk Bar re-launch party
WHEN: Wed 14 March, 7pm – 11pm
WHERE: Hasti Bala Bar, 3rd Floor at The Carlton Hotel, 198 Bourke Street Melbourne
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/events/332734800097819

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