Summertime in the Garden of Eden

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Summertime and the livin’ is easy. The latest expulsion from the sextastic theatre company Sisters Grimm, Summertime in the Garden of Eden takes place in a backyard in Thornbury, I mean 1861 in Georgia where we are right now. No really, the theatre is in the garage of 10 Hobson St, Thornbury.

This is budget production at its finest, they spend razor money on eyeliner but don’t scrimp on talent. Sultry eyes and dasdardly stares however come at a cost as our dueling sisters Honey Sue (Mummy Complex) and Daisy May (the extraordinarly beautiful Agent Cleave) find out.

Set against the swooning backdrop of the American Civil War, Honey Sue returns home to the plantation from almost a decade away, but where has she been? What did she discover that night in Big Daddy’s greenhouse that made her flee?

It’s the age old tale of blondes vs brunettes with a whole lotta body hair, pash rash, civil rights issues and eye liner in-between. Peter Paltos as the simmering, swarthy Clive and Genevieve Giuffre as Mammy round out the exceptional cast of, in their own words, “dole dodging trannies”.

It has to be said that Sisters Grimm is wrong, very wrong in the most delightful way (particularly the ingenious method they avoided black facing for Mammy). Summertime in the Garden of Eden had me crying with laughter, amplified by being positioned in front of Declan Greene (one half of the Sisters Grimm) who was hooting the whole time doing the lighting. If you lack laughter, light or trannies in your life I prescribe Summertime in the Garden of Eden.

Summertime in the Garden of Eden is playing in the garage of 10 Hobson St, Thornbury until March 3rd. (Wednesdays to Saturdays). For tickets visit www.sistersgrimm.com.au

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