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Meet Fezwitch

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Fezwitch is a local collage and street artist. Lately he has been creating ‘Melbourne blocks’ which are A5 sized screen prints of trams and hook turns on vintage Melways paper. Aptly there is also a screen print of the word ‘Milk Bar’ using iconic milk bar signage typography.

The pieces are currently on display and available at Manchester Press, so make sure to keep an eye out for them next time you’re there grabbing a coffee. In the meantime we asked the enigmatic Fezwitch some questions to get to know him a little bit more.

MILK BAR: What do you do?
Fezwitch: By day I’m a graphic designer in a corporate world; by night (and in my lunchbreaks) I keep my sanity by dabbling in street art and experimenting with collage.

MB: How would you describe your work to someone who’s never seen it before?
F: I prefer not to box myself in as I’m always experimenting with new subjects and mediums, but if I had to label it: Satirical Art with vintage respect.

MB: Does your work try to convey a particular message?
F: In this consumer-driven society we tend to forget about what is important. My work is about not taking life too seriously, having a laugh and poking fun at those consumer brands we all live and breathe by. It’s also about letting the viewer interpret their own message.

MB: How did your interest in collage/street art begin?
F: In ’07, while working in London, I went to Shepard Fairey’s first solo exhibition. This was a moving event that changed my view of art for good. Upon arrival, I noticed several OBEY posters plastered to the surrounding walls a few blocks away from the exhibition. Combining the ‘hype’ with his gallery art inspired a fresh outlook on voicing and exposing your own creativity. Art and design no longer restricted me to ‘corporate’ publications with short life spans. How refreshing!

MB: What are your favourite street art hot spots around Melbourne?
F: Rose Street in Fitzroy, Nightingale and Nelson Streets in Balaclava, Duckboard Place, Union Lane and AC/DC Lane in Melbourne.

MB: Where can we find your work?
F: The Melbourne blocks can be found at Manchester Press or online at

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