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Staring at the white walls in his backyard, owning a not-so-often-used projector and being a perpetual movie enthusiast, George Clipp had a light bulb go off on a few year ago. He thought: short movies, group of friends and their friends, open air, barbie, bevies. He connected the dots: Shed Cinema!

The first Shed Cinema showcased co-founder Matt Cleaves’ shorts for the ‘grand opening’. Equally talented moviemakers, George and Matt were so happy with their first session that they decided to keep the ball rolling. Their short film appreciation happens four times a year and it’s open to everyone. There’s no fixed theme so it’s an eclectic mix of genres (just like the eclectic audience).

It’s a free flowing event with no certain patterns. Guests are invited from 7.30pm, though the screening doesn’t kick off until it’s dark. The time in between is what creates the difference with the other outdoor cinema events. It’s a great opportunity for the crowd to mingle with each other, which turns Shed Cinema into a social gathering rather than plain movie screening. You can spice up your night with some nibbles, dead animals on barbeque and drinks to get you in the right mood for a Saturday night. Oh, and sharing is caring. You might even be offered home made muffins or a glass of wine when you run out of stock.

While the first session was held in a shed, subsequent Shed Cinemas have taken place in different locations. George used his large and lovely backyard quite a few times (even after he moved out), and there was also a screening at the backyard of a hostel, allowing the travelers to immerse themselves in Melbourne’s short movie scene.

The next Shed Cinema is coming up on this Saturday 18 Feb at a rooftop in Brunswick. So get down there with your friends, some food and drinks and enjoy this offbeat cinematic experience. We heard there might even be some jamming with ukes, guitars and harmonicas, and once again Melbourne might change the way you think about ordinary activities.

For more info: facebook.com/shedcinema
For more works of George Clipp georgeclipp.com
Matt Cleaves mattcleaves.com

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