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Pot Luck: Rye IPA from Mountain Goat

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Mountain Goat’s been cranking out limited edition beers for many a moon now, and we like the way each concoction has its own character: some are completely new beasts, others different interpretations on Abootsford boys’ stable brews.

The Rye IPA belongs in the latter category. Similar to Goat’s India Pale Ale but chock-full of malted rye and malted barley that gives a nuttiness followed by a fruity nose and hoppy finish.

At 6.1% it’s not exactly a session beer, but that’s why it’s a limited run. Enjoy, sip, savour why you can.

Rye IPA is available for a limited time on tap at the Mountain Goat Brewery, where you can try their other single run batches. Tonight (Friday) the boys are tapping The Randy – an IPA “made with love, respect and caffeine.”

Click here if you want to know more.

Otherwise Rye IPA is available at Slow Beer, McCoppins, Blackhearts and Sparrows and other good beer stores.

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