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In Season: Corn

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After a long wait, ears of locally-grown corn ears are finally beginning to appear around the traps.

Corn has perhaps the most interesting history of any vegetable (especially because technically it’s a grain). Originally cultivated by the Mayans in central and southern Mexico, corn spread south through the Americas about 800 years ago, and has never looked back.

Europeans got hooked on the stuff and brought it back to home, with to the north the USA harvests more corn than anywhere else in the world.

One of the secrets of corn’s success is its versatility – it can be used in everything from bread and chips to fritters and cakes.

The other bonus – corn’s pretty good for you, at least before you smother it with salt and butter. Corn is naturally high in fibre, vitamin C and contains folic acid, which helps in preventing heart disease.

When selecting corn look for husks that are bright green and tightly wound, avoid ears with brown or brittle tassels. Corn doesn’t keep and should be cooked the same day.

While corn can be used any number of ways, I like to keep it simple and enjoy the sweet, juicy taste of a cracking fresh cob. Try barbecuing a few cobs of corn, rubbing with lime and sprinkling with chili powder.

Instant taste of summer. Enjoy!