Midsumma Heats Up

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This week marks the beginning of Melbourne’s annual Midsumma Festival, an event dedicated to celebrating the vibrant world of queer art and culture. Midsumma has been running since 1988 and this year the organisers have gone all out, factory-closure-sale-crazy in providing a bizarre and eclectic variety of events. There’s really something for everyone.

Taking place at Gasworks Art Park in in Albert Park and venues throughout Melbourne, there’s so much going on here I can’t begin to scratch the surface, but here are a few events that stood out:

The Horror of the Inch is an explosive 90 minute rock show featuring performances of the music of David Bowie, Queen, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Prince and more. Get yer fucking glam on, this is going to be spectacular.

Is That a Dildo in Your Pocket, Harry Potter? is a fan fiction evening where authors present erotic re-interpretations of the worlds of Harry Potter, Marvel and DC comics, The Golden Girls, True Blood and an intriguing reinvention of “the cast of Merlin as horny uni students in a share house in Brunswick”. WTF in the best possible way.

Grindr: A Love Story? sees comedian Nath Valvo exploring the world of dating app Grindr, the app that allows users to locate other users close by who erm…want to fuck then and there. Of the app’s 1.4 million users Valvo claims to have spoken to half of them, and has more than a fistful of stories to tell about wonderful and frightening encounters initiated through Grindr.

Battle on the Bent Track brings the best queer roller derby competitors together for a once off State of Origin showdown between Victorian and NSW. Roller Derby isn’t novelty skating rink merry-go-round, it’s brutal and unforgiving, a game of kill or be killed in which only the most determined will prosper. Unless they fall victim to foul play, which is generally allowed. Roller Derby is something of a modern day equivalent to ancient Roman Gladiators. Take the kids along for an enjoyable evening of wholesome entertainment.

Midsumma officially runs from Jan 15 to Feb 5, though the calendar on their website indicates there are still events happening until March 3. Have a browse at www.midsumma.org.au for further details.



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