MP3 of the Week: ‘What I Know’ by Oscar + Martin

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We’re all getting loose. The typical Melbourne shift from winter to summer is upon us, and the sun is addling our brains while the rain is making us wonder if we should be switching from brollies to barbeques.

Melbourne act Oscar + Martin seem to encapsulate the change of seasons, mixing melancholy with glitchy hip-hop beats and whimsical melodies. They’re currently kick starting an east coast tour to launch their latest single ‘What I Know’, a blend of new school electronic trend and old school vibes.

These guys are a band to watch out for and show a real empathy for musicality. ‘What I Know’ wraps you in a lived in, nostalgic sway and hints at bygone soul divas whilst maintaining a modern swagger. It’s refreshing to see young acts holding on to the sensibilities of past musicians and Oscar + Martin pull it off without any sense of irony or cheese.

If you want to listen to the track you can check it out here.

You can also see them this Saturday at the brand new Phoenix Public House, details here :

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