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Meet Christopher Boots

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Christopher Boots is a lighting designer and, well, his impressive lighting creations will have you no longer wanting to use boring, old light bulbs.

From a young age, Boots had always liked to create things, particularly furniture. Boots initially studied Arts and majored in Linguistics until he realised it wasn’t what he wanted to do, ‘I wanted to do something with my hands and actually makes things so that’s how I got into industrial design,’ he says, going on to study the subject at Swinburne University.

Boots’ penchant for building things has now culminated into launching his own design practice earlier this year. His approach to design is concerned with nature with a lot of his ideas coming from his sub-conscious.

Boots’ current series of lighting called the Simple Series includes five pieces with each one named after the shape it reflects — Simple I, Simple X, Simple +, Simple Y and Simple Z. Each piece starts at 1300mm wide and is hand made by Boots’ in his Brunswick East studio using a variety of materials such as zinc, copper and iron.

Boots’ two signature pieces are ORP (Oblique Rhombic Prism) and Diamond Ring. LED lamps form the edges of the ORP which, as its name suggests, is the shape of a rhombic prism, while the Diamond Ring is a ring measuring between 450mm and 2100mm with quartz crystals attached. And it doesn’t stop here as Boots will be releasing one new piece each month until June next year.

Boots is currently on the lookout for a showroom so if you know of a place please let him know. There will also (hopefully) be a launch party to come in March next year.

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