MP3 of the Week: ‘Fat monk’ by Rat vs Possum

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I can’t dance for any longer than 10 seconds without feeling dumb. I love when people do though and it’s good to have a new song for those fancy free fun lovers to giggle and groove to.

‘Fat Monk’ shows Rat vs Possum with a slightly slicker exterior than their tie-dyed formative years. Gone are the wall to wall floor toms, replaced by cosmic synths and a more dynamic and motivated purpose to the jam.

While the song is no doubt upbeat, it almost lumbers like a raga. Part of this comes from singer Daphne Shum, who chants with an earnest simplicity in her voice–part Nico, part Gregorian hipster.

Though fairly straightforward compositionally, ‘Fat Monk’ gets it’s jolts from the space echo drive-by’s of Moogs and a frenetic rhythm section pushing the climaxes until the ah-ooh shout chorus takes hold and closes the song with the meat of an epic party riff.

I don’t know why the song reminds me of the Leonardo Di Caprio movie The Beach, outside of the general feeling that the birthright of humans is to be rad and have a sweet time. Until that guy gets eaten by the shark and Leo goes crazy on mushrooms or something and has those dumb video game hallucinations.

So basically, what I’m saying is: keep dancing. I like to watch.

Listen to ‘Fat Monk’ here.

Rat vs Possum release their album “Let Music and Bodies Unite” at The Corner Hotel this Friday!

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