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MP3 of the Week: ‘Nomoresleazeinmysteez’ by Galapagoose

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As we make the slow ascent to summery days it’s safe to say there’s a bit more skip in our step and the spirit of adventure is taking hold of our warmed bones. Thusly, for those of you who feel a little frisky and restless, I introduce Galapagoose. Hailing from some tripped out wonderpalace in Melbourne’s great expanse, Galapagoose gives a set of fresh eyes to our blossoming instrumental hip-hop scene.

One of his many offerings ‘Nomoresleazeinmysteez’ is a journey into the dubbier sectors of hip-hop. Bass heavy and space flight ready it’s a tune that won’t just be stuck in your head, your feet will be making their way somewhere special without you realising it.

If you’re looking for some new musical venture then this is a fine place to start. Melbourne is becoming the place to be for beat-makers and Galapagoose is certainly at the front line.

Check out ‘Nomoresleazeinmysteez’ more of his music at Soundcloud.

You can hear Galapagoose and many others at the elusive RAOB Buffalo Club this Friday night. Details here.

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