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Underground Cinema hosts a Hillbilly Hoedown

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We here at Milk Bar are big film nerds and love all the celluloid treats our fair city has to offer – from cheap nights at the Nova and Rooftop Cinema to the choc ices at The Astor. But one of our favs is Underground Cinema, the every-three-months-or-so immersive event that mixes cinema with costumes, acting, set design and a lot of bling.

Here’s how it works: you buy tickets for the upcoming event and receive a text a few days before with directions to the secret location. When you arrive the venue (typically a non-traditional space like a museum or mansion) will have been decked out to reflect the genre of the film that’s playing, complete with actors and performances in character. And you’re in costume too. And the film’s kept secret until the curtain rises.

Previous locations have included Red Bennies (transformed into a 1920’s Prohibition party) and Newport Substation (decorated as a futuristic time traveler world complete with Bill and Teds).

It’s a helluva great time and this weekend is the last time you can catch UGC this year. The theme is Hillbilly Hoedown so start ironing those check shirts, blacking out that middle tooth and working on your best squeal. Yee-haw!

The UGC Hillbilly Hoedown is happening Fri 18 and Sat 19 Nov.
For tickets visit or follow UGC on Facebook.

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