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More Than One Reason To Visit Footscray

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Traditionally 1+1 equals 2 but at this quaint little noodle/dumpling house in Footscray, I had to check my math at the door as the figures were oddly in my favour.

1+1 Dumpling Noodles is a little café aesthetically similar to many eateries dotted around Footscray, but they have recently pimped out the joint with new paint job and some cool light installations. If you can set your décor criticisms aside, you’ll be able to enjoy the food, prices, complimentary tea, music and friendly smiles. If not, then perhaps Footscray isn’t for you.

The unique thing about the food here is that it comes from the Xinjian region in China’s west, where ingredients like potato and lamb are used. In fact there is an interesting looking shredded potato dish on the menu which I will be going back for. However, on this occasion, fellow Milk Bar writer G. Raymond Leavold and I were on a dumpling pilgrimage thus ordered a pile of 15 pork and 15 lamb dumplings, ($10 for 15 pieces).

We also ordered lamb skewers ($2 each) to really mix things up because as we know there is a clear distinction between minced and diced meat which translates to entrée and main. The skewers were tender, old-school fatty and spiced with a hint of charcoal. The dumplings were a good size and packed a garlicky ginger punch with plenty of green bits.

Unfortunately we couldn’t tell which ones were lamb or pork so we called them lork and pamb, but I suspect they were all the same filling. Only in the suburbs could this wash and I love it. The unpretentious charm of Footscray means you’ll remember these unique and fun dining experiences. Get down there and check it out!

1+1 Dumpling Noodles
84 Hopkins Street, Footscray
9687 8988
Open daily 12 noon – 9pm

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