MP3 of the Week: ‘Covered in Snow’ by Hyfrydol

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With Spring so up and down, Hyfrydol want us to go back to good old reliable winter with “Covered In Snow”. Singer Kat Wells opts for the hibernating countryside with this Dirty Three-like waltz of meandering accordions and languid guitars.

The slow-burning nostalgia of the song is pretty heartwarming and even though I’m looking forward to a run of warm days I kind of agree with Hyfrydol, LET’S GO TO MOUNT BULLA! Is ski season still kicking?

“We should go where everything’s moving so slow / Where everything’s covered in snow”.

Ah, I see. It’s more of a fireside let’s-grow-beards sort of snow-in. Well I can do that too, I’m versatile.

Musically it’s almost Jeff Buckley-esque. Not that there’s an abundance of yodelling vocal acrobatics, rather it has the same slow-eyed romanticism that makes “Lover You Should Have Come Over” a good song. The production and instrumentation reminds me of a 90s ballad, and because of that there’s a familiarity to the song, you feel invited in like old friends.

Normally I’m pretty suspicious of the 90s. But I mean, that song from Dawson’s Creek wasn’t too bad…

I liked ‘Even When I’m Sleeping’ when that came out too, even though they played it in the Neighbours coffee shop everyday on repeat, it was a good song and kind of sounded Beatlesy.

‘Covered In Snow’ has a certain sentimentality, but like these songs, the performance and the songwriting hook you so hard it never feels inauthentic. Hyfrydol’s debut EP was just released on Bandcamp so have a listen, there’s other good songs on there too!

Hyfrydol launch their EP at The Grace Darling in Collingwood on Wed 16 November. Twoks and Matt Kelly support.

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