There’s something strange in the Carlton ‘hood…

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As a kid growing up in the 80s, one of my fondest memories is of my family piling into our van and making a weekend trek to visit my mum and dad’s friends, Cath and Ken. Their house was an absolute treasure trove filled with some of the sweetest eighties kit you could imagine.

Topping the list? Their old-school big screen TV.

A front-projection behemoth the likes of which I’ve never seen before or since, it had a stand-alone screen and a projector consisting of three separate bulbs: one red, one green and one blue. And even though he had a movie collection to match his massive telly, there always seemed to be one film my siblings and I would beg to watch every single visit: Ghostbusters.

Few films hit right smack in the nostalgia solar plexus like Ghostbusters does. Bill Murray in his smarmy pomp? Dan Aykroyd when he was still funny? A floating Sigourney Weaver in a slinky off-the-shoulder number that gave many a young lad strange and unexpected feelings? Oh yes sir, Ghostbusters is pure 80s gold.

For anyone who feels like me about New York’s finest bumbling ghost-nabbers, this Tuesday night at the Nova is for you. Not only are they showing Ivan Reitman’s classic film on the big screen in all its restored HD glory, they’re hosting an 80s/Ghostbusters-themed party so you can relive all your finest side-pony and spandex moments. With prizes for the best costumes, come dressed as favourite GB character (or just sporting your finest 80s glitter eye shadow) and shamelessly revel in the sparkly decade that just won’t seem to die.

Ghostbusters-fest kicks off at Cinema Nova at 8.45pm on Tuesday 25 October.
For details and tickets visit: www.cinemanova.com.au/events.html

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