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Le Sausage Rolls Into Town

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I like trucks, and I like sausage. Which means I love a good sausage truck, which sounds ruder than it’s meant to. Last weekend Melbourne got another card-carrying food truck, Le Sausage, grilling up gourmet snags on the go.

Like any self respecting food truck these days, Le Sausage relies on Facebook and Twitter to let the hungry hoards know where they’ll be setting up shop next. This week it’s High St, Northcote, just opposite the town hall with that great view south looking over the city. The blazing red truck is hard to miss, with its retro art and the smell of grilled meat in the air.

Pretty soon a crowd’s forming to see what all the fuss is about. On the menu there are four saucy sausage options: Polish Porka, Italian Job, Hot Hungarian and Cheeky Chorizo (all $7).

Vego’s are paid lip service with Chunky Chips while meat lovers can jazz up their buns with tomato sauce, mustard, capsicum puree, cheese, caramelised onion, rocket and even chips.  I go with the Polish Porka.

As the porka’s being prepared and the sun lowers over the CBD I consider how far snags have come since Saturday mornings at the footy clinic where a Coles New World frankfurter slapped on a piece of Wonder White and drowned in tomato sauce was about the best thing going around.

What I hold in my hand is a home-made gourmet sausage on an artisan bread roll from Noisette served with home made toppings. It makes me think a bit about the theory of evolution, though I don’t ponder too long though because it’s getting cold.

Despite the bells and whistles, Le Sausage cannot defy the laws of physics and as soon as I bite in the fillings go everywhere. But food like this isn’t supposed to be dainty, and the fresh, chewy bun, zingy capsicum puree and the tasty sausage are just what you want from a street snack: big flavours and able to be eaten as you walk.

As I join a bunch of fellow stragglers chomping and watching the sun set on that hot Spring evening it all feels pretty right. It might have been perfect if Le Sausage was licensed.

Maybe next time.

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