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Most actors get a little jaded doing the press junket for films. There’s only so many times, despite how skilled a thespian, most actors can manage to look excited answering ‘How it was working with this co-star’ for the umpteenth time.

When I catch up with Shane Jacobson at ABC studios to talk about his new film Surviving Georgia, the actor has just come from four hours of interviews and is about to launch into another afternoon of Q&A’s before shooting off to the film’s premiere. With a natural energy and enthusiasm most of us can only muster after several cans of V, Jacobson is engaging, considered and eager to chat and his film, books and pretty much everything in-between.

Jacobson had been working in the entertainment industry for two decades before shooting to fame in 2006 in Kenny, the film he starred co-wrote with his brother Clayton. He’s done stand-up, musical theatre, film, TV, radio and writing. Fame came late to Jacobson, and you get the feeling he’s enjoying every minute of it.

In-between hosting Top Gear Australia and appearing with Geoffrey Rush at the MTC Jacobson’s managed to complete Surviving Georgia. Jacobson plays a country cop in the rom-com and stars alongside Pia Miranda, Holly Valance and Caroline O’Connor. He describes working with O’Connor has been a long time goal. “I’ve worked with Rhonda Birchmore and Marina Prior, and Caroline O’Conner completes the trifecta of the queens, the divas of of Australian stage.”

As a writer, performer, and presenter is there one discipline Jacobson feels closest to? “I’ve chosen them all, and I treat them like children. If I spend too much time away from any one of them, I miss them dearly. I don’t know if that makes me greedy or indecisive, but it does make me very lucky.”

Up next Jacobson’s working on an autobiography, something the struggled with. “I told myself many times I shouldn’t do it. I mean, I’m 41 and the father of young kids, what do I know? I don’t have anything sussed out.” Despite this there was interest in a book, and Jacobson agreed to write it under the proviso that “I’ve got a lot more mistakes to make along the way.”

Our interview is interrupted by a fire alarm. Jacobson tells me how the fans kick in and we’ll have might be evacuated soon, something he knows from his time in events management. I think it’s a good time to wrap up but he’s keen to keep talking.

I ask Jacobson where he sees himself in 15 years. “I’d like another 15 films under my belt, another 15 theatre shows, 15 TV shows. I don’t know if I’d like another 15 kids though (laughing). If I’m having as much fun as I am now, it’ll be awesome. But if I’m not, I’ll be thankful for the time I had, but trying bloody hard to get it back.”

The fire alarm stops and Jacobson’s PR people are coming over signalling it’s time to move on. Before he leaves Jacobson tells me he’s glad fame came late. “I’d rather share a good bottle of wine at home with my partner and friends than have strangers buy me drinks at a bar. I think I got the good end of the stick.”

And with the Jacobson’s off on his great big adventure.

Surviving Georgia is now showing in limited release.

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