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Grizzly Espresso opens in Fitzroy

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Opening fresh as a daisy in the daylight savings Spring, Grizzly Espresso flung up its roller door in Fitzroy today. I was lucky enough to be the first customer. The new cafe has an outdoors, summer drinkin’ sort of feel, which is what owner Conor Burson hopes to provide once the liquor license comes through.

In the meantime there’s coffee (Toby’s Estate), art and music. Food’s coming next week. Conor’s originally from Vancouver and DJ’s as Van Grizzly, hence the name. He’s roped in some pals from the local street art scene to help decorate the place, with pieces by artists Flake, DP, Deb and Monkey giving Grizzly a St. Jerome’s vibe.

There are big wooden tables where you can take in the art of the adjacent alley, which Conor tells me is the best place to catch the afternoon sun (he should know, he lives upstairs).

While there’s not a lot on the menu at Grizzly Espresso, there’s a lot to like. And how can you not have a soft spot for a place whose mag rack includes Playboy and Calvin & Hobbes?

Of an evening they’ll be music, and more art. Conor tells me he’s just going to see how it all goes. I look forward to seeing what Van Grizzly and his cronies come up with.

Grizzly Espresso
Cnr Johnston and Brunswick Sts, Fitzroy
(in the alley behind 7-11)
7am – 7pm, 7 days a week

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