The Marvellous Melbourne Circus Festival

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There’s something about going to the circus that makes you feel young again: the impossibly high tightropes, amazingly loud costumes, cheesy 80s soundtracks and snack food. The circuses of today may have done away with lion tamers, mischievous monkeys and bearded ladies, but that sense of wonder and, dare I say it, magic, remains.

The National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) has been professionally training circus artists for a decade now, and to celebrate they’re doing what any ten year old does, they’re having a party. The Melbourne Circus Festival runs all week and shows off the best of NICA’s students both past and present, many of whom now perform in international companies like Cirque de Soleil.

There’s hoolah hooping, skipping, cabaret chair balancing, daring 80s trapeze, matador unicycling, juggling, stretchy people and plenty of spandex. Book a ticket and make a date with your younger self.

Melbourne Circus Festival
26 September to 2 October 2011
NICA National Circus Centre
41 Green Street, Prahran
For all festival information and tickets visit:

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