MP3 of the Week: ‘Stablung’ by Baptism of Uzi

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Everyone has that one friend …you know, the guy who wears aviators and a leather jacket in the summer. This guy is almost certainly in a band; and the band they’re in almost certainly sucks. Melbourne is full of DIY garage bands that sport op-shop guitars and torn jeans. Luckily we can see them every night playing in dive bars throughout our suburbs.

Melbourne garage outfit Baptism of Uzi is one of these bands, but they are far from awful. With droney, distorted power chords and drums that are simultaneously chilled out and hard hitting, this is a band that should not be missed.

Their new single ‘Stablung’ sounds like it just stumbled out of the 70s and is now crashing on your couch. With a prog-rock vibe they sum up the Melbourne garage vibe with charisma and a live energy that cannot go unseen.

You can listen to the track here and see them live at the upcoming High Noon Festival on High Street, Northcote this Sunday.

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