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The Royal Mail’s got Game

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I went along on a Wednesday night to The Royal Mail Hotel on Spencer Street to check out ‘Roadkill Wednesday’, a night that showcases a various array of Australian game meats that in the past have included emu, kangaroo, wild rabbit and possum.

Now, as a fan of cooked (and sometimes raw) meat of all kinds, I thought that this would definitely appeal to my palate and I was intent on trying something that I’d never had before.

Unfortunately, I was a little dissatisfied with the limited choices on the menu. The game meats on hand vary from week-to-week depending on the season and availability, and I guess it must have been an off-week, for the menu mostly consisted of quail dishes. And though the Wild Boar Chorizo did sound intriguing, I left the Roadkill menu behind and flicked over to the standard nightly menu instead. And I’m glad I did, as I found a meal that not only sounded appealing, but was also something that I’d never had before: Redesdale Rabbit.

It may seem strange that I’d never had rabbit before this night. It may seem stranger that I’ve had it eight times since.

On the night I was there, The Mail seemed to function around a small but undoubtedly competent crew. It was almost ridiculous how attentive the Maitre’d – and sole member of the waiting staff—was, continually re-filling water glasses, making sure everything was running smoothly at each of the tables and the meals were served in a timely fashion, which is something that one doesn’t truly appreciate until they’ve had to wait 45 minutes for a meal.

Now, though I’m usually all about finding cheap places to eat and can’t help but being a general tight-wad, the prices at The Royal Mail are not exactly on the slight side, but I believe that it is great example of getting exactly what you pay for.

Though at first disappointed by the lack of game, the quality of the meal and the overall dining experience showed me that The Royal Mail has got game coming out the wahzoo.

The Royal Mail Hotel
519 Spencer St, West Melbourne
9329 6955
Photographs by Keith De La Rue. See more of his work at


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