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Pot Luck – Seedy Goat from Mountain Goat & Seven Seeds

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For many of us here at the Milk Bar the day can be divided into distinct categories – the time when we crave coffee and the rest, when we crave beer. Luck for us, Mountain Goat’s new limited edition brew, the Seedy Goat, goes some lengths to bridging these two worlds.

In a collaboration with Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters, a bunch as crazy about coffee as the Goat boys are about beer, the Coffee IPA is the love child of these two zealots.

And it tastes pretty good. Big and hoppy, the beer has a bitter sweetness that’s rounded off with the sharpness of coffee beans and finishes with and a fruity twist. A nice way to kickstart the first weekend of Spring.

Seedy Goat is now available in limited numbers at good bars and grog shops around town. It’s also on tap at Mountain Goat Brewery. Hoof on over and get it while you can.

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