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A Moveable Music Feast

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Launched in late 2009, Tram Sessions has recently been causing a buzz among commuters and live music enthusiasts. The formula is simple: find a band with high energy, good vibes and interaction with the audience and select the route that best compliments their type of the music. Put band on said tram and when the music kicks off, watch how the screen-saver-faces start smiling.

Shortly after arriving in Melbourne from Sweden, Nicklas Wallberg and Carl Mamsten looked at ways of combining two of Melbourne’s loves – trams and music, and jazzing up routine journeys by turning them into little commuting pleasures.

‘We don’t like the barriers between art and public space’, says Wallberg. By having bands playing on the trams and adding a snatch of fun to a daily routine, people get encouraged to use sustainable transport. Live music becomes more accessible to all sectors of the community, and artists have the chance to publicise themselves and engage with the community.

The performances can be live-streamed directly from their website, and so far Tram Sessions have entertained lucky commuters 15 times, including recent performances from festival band The Twoks and coolsies Laine Lane and Little John — who thrilled commuters with their intimate set over a ride on a historical W Class tram.

The ambitious Mr. Wallberg has an ultimate vision for Tram Sessions: having Foo Fighters play on Yarra Trams. Thinking ‘direct action is more than wearing a Che Guevera t-shirt’, he’s started sharing links on facebook and writing to Dave Grohl’s possible first name/last name combination e-mail addresses. Now the attempts are on raising awareness among Melbourne’s Foo Fighter fans, with the aim of securing a tram spot in-between gigs when the band tour in December.

Next time you board a tram Tram Sessions (or Dave Grohl) might catch you off guard and win you over with warm tunes on a cold and rainy Melbourne day.

The Twoks – Let You Down from Tram Sessions on Vimeo.

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