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MP3 of the Week: ‘Villages’ by Alpine

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Although Melbourne is known for it’s ever-changing climate it’s evident in the faces of local masses that the seasons are a changin’. Switching from a four layer wardrobe to a meagre double it’s getting easier to feel that hazy spring sun on our freezing faces.

A band that encompasses such a feeling is local act Alpine. Mixing woozy synth with a solid pop ensemble these guys bring to mind beers, balconies and dancing, even if you may not know how. The second single from their debut LP Zurich is ‘Villages’, a testament to the band’s blissed-out vibe. With two female vocalists it’s easy to get lost in the twists and turns their harmonies take, if you haven’t been feeling the oncoming spring yet, then treat your ears to this!

You can listen to ‘Villages’ at and even catch a free gig at The Esplanade Hotel in St. Kilda on August 19. Details are on their website :

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