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The Poetic World of Alice & Co.

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After leaving her native Paris and globe-trotting from Spain to San Francisco, historian, writer and publisher Christine Mathieu eventually landed in Melbourne and with her partner (and two pet dogs) and started Littlefox Press, an independent publishing house specialising in poetry.

Originally using the Brunswick Street space to teach students, in 2009 Christine opened Alice & Co. a “purveyor of language arts and other wonders” as a shopfront to Littlefox Press because, as she explains “this is how publishers used to work. Printing out the back, selling out the front.” The store is named after famed cook Alice B. Toklas, as well as writer Alice Walker, Alice in Wonderland “and all the other Alice’s in our lives.”

Yet Alice & Co. is much more than just a shopfront. It is an exhibition space, a seller of hand-made diaries, original books and vintage art prints. It’s even got its own puppet theatre. And with Christine’s two faithful dogs, Max and Untzi, always in attendance, the store has a charming, other-worldly feel that compliments next-door neighbour The Magic Lantern.

Currently showing an exhibition of artwork from Laura Mitchell’s new book The Elephant of Eastbury, a collaboration between a US artist and poet and Littlefox’s first hardcover. Always dedicated to showcasing new and unique works, on August 25  Alice & Co. will launch Ken Trimble’s book, Shores of American Memory, inspired by the beat poets in conjunction with a photo exhibition by Ari Fainchtein: Dream-Beats – San Francisco Then and Now.

Border’s is gone, while interesting, independent shops like Alice & Co. remain. Why not support that independent spirit by stopping by for a browse, or to say hi to Max and Untzi.

Alice & Co.
159 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
8060 5578
Wed – Fri 12.30pm – 6.30pm
Sat – Sun 10.30 – 5.30


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