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Cocktails and Video Games, These Patterns, Geocoaching, Whale Watching and More This Weekend

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July 14, 2011 7:00 pmtoJuly 17, 2011 11:00 pm

This week you should slow down and take a minute to do some simple things. Stop and smell the petrichor. Stop and smell your clothes.

The Washing
Yup, I’m suggesting that you do your washing. Go to a Laundromat. Wash your clothes. Go for the luxury wash. Throw in some fabric softener. Use the drier as a special treat. Read a book from your childhood. Listen to a band you like through good quality head phones (if you’re looking for ideas I recommend Chook Race, These Patterns or Sonic Youth). Then when it’s done put on a t-shirt or sweater that’s still warm from the drier. Take the time to fold the rest of your clothes on those big tables. Breathe in the fresh laundry smells and savour the texture of the fabric under your fingers.
What: Laundry
Where: Your local Laundromat
When: Night time

Take The Long Way Home
Go exploring around your block. Stop and look up. Find your favour building. Two of my current faves are the JB HiFi on Chapel Street and The Singapore Cottage. Maybe try some geocaching. Go by yourself. Take your time. Don’t be afraid of the rain or the cold.
What: Walking
Where: Your block
When: Whenever you want

Mana Outbreak!
This Saturday night marks the spawning of the long awaited cocktail/video game bar ‘Mana Bar’ in Fitzroy. Video games, trivia, gaming tournaments, cocktails and cosplay 7 days and nights a week. The multiple rooms and courtyard mean you can mingle your way through the PS3, X-Box 360 and Wii crowds with a ‘Princess Peach’ cocktail in hand or, if you’re not a Mario fan, perhaps a ‘Health Potion’ to keep you energized through the string of giveaways, prizes and live entertainment this weekend.
What: Video game bar opening
Spawn Point: 336 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
ETA: Saturday 16 July

Origin of Species
I came across a flyer for These Patterns in a potato shop advertising the launch of their new EP ‘Species’. It was beautiful. Hundreds of tropical birds arranged in a colour wheel. I immediately lowered my expectations. There was no way their music could be as pretty as this image. It was better. Hypnotic post punk with elements of Vangelis and Suicide but with a sweetness in its rhythm. They conjure a dark wilderness, sleek, dangerous and amazing; sounding like a Henri Rousseau dream, rice pudding and waking up in a strange place. These Patterns haunt me in my sleep. Support from The Night Terrors, A Dead Forest Index, Tomaki Jets & The Emergency DJs.
What: EP Launch – Music
Where: The Tote, 67 – 71 Johnston St, Collingwood
When: Friday 15 July, 8PM
Cost: $10 / $15 with EP

A Whale of a Time in Warrnambool
July is usually a time where I take stock of my indoor activity options, but a whale sighting off the coast of Warrnambool last week got me thinking otherwise. A female Southern Right Whale and her young calf dropped by to do some growing and learning during their annual return to the freezing sub-Antarctic waters of the south. They can be seen a mere 100m from the shore through Binoculars on the lookout so my advice is to rug up, get out and see this amazing family vacation ocean-style now. There’s no time like the present.
What: A chance to see some hugely cool mammals
Where: Warrnambool (3.5 hour drive or V-Line Train west of Melbourne)
When: Now (June – September)



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