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By Jove, It’s The Underground Cinema!

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Melbourne’s Underground Cinema definitely lives up to its name. Shrouded in more mystery than The Mary Celeste, it’s hard to find much information on it without feeling the need to infiltrate some sort of Melbourne-based cinematic cell, but from what little can be gathered in my meagre attempts, it sounds like a heap of fun.

Held roughly every two months, Underground Cinema is a completely unique night of music, drinks and, of course; cinema.

Participants dress to theme and watch a film that mirrors the theme chosen, the title of which you will never know unless you are in attendance, and the experience is a complete one, with live performances made to recreate the elements and vibe of the film you are about to view.

Having been screened in various locations throughout Melbourne, which are only revealed a few days before the event in true clandestine fashion, each Underground Cinema event has a different theme. This time around it’s ‘Aristocracy’, so make sure to don a monocle and livery and show just how blue that blood of yours really is.

A popular night out, this coming Underground Cinema experience has sadly sold out already, so my mission to uncover its mysteries will have to wait a little longer. Hell, a little mystery never killed anyone.

The next UGC screening should be in September, so make sure you learn from my grave mistake and get in early.

For (a limited amount of) more information, check out Underground Cinema’s website:

And if you’re looking for movies shown in places other than cinemas try  Long Play, (formerly Glitch Bar, 318 St. Georges St, Fitzroy) for weekend screenings, while every Monday the Low Brow Society presents Small Screen at Bar Open (317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy) showing a good mix of classic/cult films. You can’t get popcorn at either place, but they serve beer, which is why I’m recommending them.

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