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On a strip that’s seen a lot of change, Tiba’s Lebanese Restaurant is reminder that some things stay the same. Tiba’s menu, prices and decor have stayed largely intact over the years, unswayed by the winds of change swirling about it.

Best visited with a group of friends, the meals at Tiba’s are designed for sharing. Not in the ‘teensy plate of tapas’ way but the ‘platter groaning under the sheer weight of food’ kind of way, my preferred method.

Entrees consist of old faithfuls like Lebanese Pizza (a steal at $1.20), Vegetarian Vine Leaves ($1.30), Felafel balls ($0.60) and Quails ($8.00), though if you’re going for the set menu you don’t really need them.

Set menus range from gargantuan Tiba’s House Special (entrée: Hommos, Babaganouge, Yogurt and Cucumber Dips, Tabouli and Garden Salads, first course: Felafel, Spinach Pie, Lebanese Pizza and Vine Leaves, main: Lamb and Chicken Shawarma, Shish Kofta, Lamb Cutlet and Lebanese Sausage, $28) to the more modest Vegetarian (Felafel, Spinach Pie, Cheese Pie, Vine Leaves with salads and dips, $14.00). Each set menu is served with bread and pickles and is more than a match for two or three hungry bellies.

Alcohol’s not served at Tiba’s, but this keep things cheap and makes you try things you might normally pass over, like Aryan Yogurt Drink ($3.00), a surprisingly refreshing concoction good for cutting through all that grilled meat.

While not the finest dining in town, the bustling atmosphere, big-as servings and barely-there bill makes us hope Tiba’s never changes.

Tiba’s Lebanese Restaurant
504 Sydney Rd
Brunswick 3056
9380 8425
Open Daily 10am – 12am

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