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The Bamboos Interview

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The Queenscliff Music Festival Winter Warm Up is just around the corner and features Nat Col and the Kings, Puta Madre Brothers and Melbourne funk legends The Bamboos. I had a chat with Bamboos founder and guitarist Lance Ferguson to see what could possibly be going on at such a frosty time of year.

It’s nearly half way through 2011, what’s been happening with The Bamboos so far?
I’ve just started writing a new album, which has seen me lock myself away and get as much writing as I can get done. I’m relocating to rural Victoria to finish the majority of the writing.

Trying the Bon Iver approach?
Yeah, except that we’re a funk band. I’m not sure that we’ll get that provincial rural sound out of this experience.

Will we see a change of line-up for the new album?
We’ve been a tight knit band for about five years now and never had a change in line-up, we’re a family now. But this album will see a change for the listener. I’m really trying to satisfy my own desire as a producer on this one.

What’s it like being a musician in Melbourne? Is it a good atmosphere for creative types?
Without wanting to sound biased, the music scene in Melbourne is one of the most healthy and nurturing environments I’ve ever been involved in. It’s a really supportive community and great to be a part of. Just the other day our bass player injured himself and we held a benefit gig for him. So many musicians and friends showed up to support him and it was obvious that we’d built a really great family tree in Melbourne.

What can we be expecting from The Bamboos this year?
Well, we have the gig in Queenscliff coming up which we’re really excited about, but after that we’ll be disappearing for a while to work on the new album. Then we’ll take a break from recording and make sure we get around to as many of the summer festivals as we can. The festivals are what we have to work for and look forward to, they’re the fun parts.

The Queenscliff Music Festival Winter Warm Up
Saturday June 25, doors open 6.30pm
Queenscliff Town Hall
Tix: $25/$15 conc

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