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Bringing Home The Bacon, Brazilian Style

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If you happen to be trinket shopping at Queen Victoria Market or sneaking a cheeky pint at The Drunken Poet, I suggest you stop what you’re doing and head to the Brazilian BBQ. Pronto. If you’re anywhere near it already, no doubt your nose will be doing the leading for you.

The Brazilian BBQ is quintessentially a shop front where the grill, bain marie and register meet the pavement. You can chat with the owners or sample some of the delicious meat they hand out on toothpicks to the salivating meat-crazed zombies who shamble past. The menu is short and sweet and it’s hard for me to properly express my liking of the food without cussing excitedly — hardly ladylike behaviour.

Depending on your appetite, you can pick up little deep fried potato balls filled with cheese or chicken, chilli fries or spicy sausages. But the menu item that dances suggestively through my juiciest meat dreams each night is the Picanha Roll.

Let me tell you about it: first they take a thick top sirloin beef steak, slap it on the grill and sprinkle with rock salt (the aroma meanders down the street, attracting pedestrians who float along with their noses in the air). The meat is then finely sliced and packed in to a fluffy white roll with garlic mayo, lettuce, tomato and caramelised onions. This is one seriously delicioso lunch — or late night boozy gorge.

Brazilian BBQ is not the healthiest eating, but if I’m going to dance down the street in a Cha Cha tribute to this delicious cuisine, I’m gonna need some booty to shake.

Brazilian BBQ
63 Peel Street, West Melbourne
11.00am – 11.00pm
Open 7 days


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